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Current example Price List
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Example JobDetailsPricePrice rangeTypical time to complete job
Current 2020
Replace light fittingRemove standard rose and replace with new light fitting supplied by customer.£401£30 - £500.5-1 hour
Perform an electrical inspection reportSafety check on electrical wiring .-£130£130 - £2504-8 hours
Replace consumer unitSupply and fit a new consumer unit for standard three-bed house.-£350£300 - £433-0.5-1 day
Install electric showerSupply and fit an 8.5kw electric shower.-£300£240 - £3800.5-1 day
Install a light in loftSupply and fit light in loft with switch outside loft hatch. Assuming no light already exists.£95£70 - £1402-3hours
Replace old strip lighting in kitchen with LED downlightersn/a-£330£250 - £4005-8 hours
Install an outdoor power socket Fit a double socket on an external wall.-£100£79 - £1251-3 hours
Install two extra double sockets in loungeSupply and fit two double sockets (white).-£120£100 - £1602-4 hours
Replace standard light switch with a dimmer switchn/a-£501£35 - £600.5-1 hour
Fit an electric cookerFit a single fan electric oven. Assuming all power is already in place. Customer supplying oven.£451£35 - £601 hour
Repair a damaged power cable on vacuum cleaner or other similar appliance-n/a-£401£30 - £500.5-1 hour
Install an external security lightSupply and fit an external security light - movement sensitive.£100£79 - £1301-3 hours (dependent on how close light is to electrical supply and length of cable required)

1Whilst there is no call out fee, there is a minimum charge for any work we are asked to do = £60.

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Some work requires certification: such certification is generally included in the above price.

Time taken for certification includes 'office work' time.

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