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Lighting and Emergency and Exit Systems

We are the experts in compliance for Emergency and Exit lights and can assess and certify all Commercial Emergency and Exit Lighting to remain compliant with Standards.We can arrange periodical inspection and testing of emergency exit lighting in schools, businesses and commercial sites, ensuring compliance with Occupational Health and Safety obligations and Duty of Care.
Good lighting in workplaces is essential to enable people to see clearly and perform their work safely. Light metering will be able to gauge the quality and sufficiency of the lighting in the workplace.
In general, good lighting should enable people to easily view their work and environment without the need to strain their eyes. However, different activities require different levels and qualities of light.

RCD Instalation.

An RCD, or Safety Switch, installation saves lives. An RCD is a safety device that disconnects a circuit when it detects an imbalance of the electric current. It works on the principle that the electricity flowing into a circuit must be equal to the current flowing out of a circuit. When a person receives a shock, it means some current i s diverted through the body directly to earth.
If the RCD detects an imbalance in the electrical current, indicating a leakage to earth, it immediately cuts the electricity supply to prevent electrocution.

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